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House system

Pupils have been organised into groups in order to promote a sense of team work, belonging and pride. The aim is to build friendships between pupils of different year groups strengthening bonds and developing a healthy competitive nature within Thurso High School.

As well as gaining individual Merit points, every merit that is awarded for each pupil will be totaled towards your House Points Total.

Brims1756 points
Dirlot2291 points
Forss2478 points
Olrig2435 points
Pentland2240 points


I am willing to work alongside others to achieve the aims of THS

This means:

• Contributing positively to the school community

• Representing Thurso High School in the wider community

• Cooperating with others in class and school activities


I will show respect for staff, other pupils and the community

This means:

• Being polite and considerate towards others

• Listening and following instructions when they are given

• Taking pride in school property and the surrounding environment


I will always aim to realise my potential by working to the best of my ability

This means:

• Recognising the importance of learning for all

• Successfully engaging in lessons and school activities

• Working towards short term and long term goals


I will be supportive of the values of Thurso High School and its ethos.

This means:

• Showing loyalty to the school community

• Remaining resilient even when in challenging situations

• Being willing to work to the highest level.


I will treat others the way I would like to be treated.

This means:

• Being willing to support and show care for those who need help

• Considering other people’s thoughts and feelings

• Showing manners and courtesy to others in the school and community

Throughout the school year there will be a variety of competitions that pupils can participate in to get points for your House including: Sports, Art & Quizzes.

There are currently no photographs from the houses

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