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Agendas & minutes

Agendas, minutes, and other relevant documents relating to meetings of the Parent Council will be listed here

Agendas ()

Agenda 12/11/19
Agenda 24/9/19

Minutes ()

AGM 07.09.21 Attachment 2
AGM 07.09.21 Attachment 1
THS Parent Council AGM Minutes 07.09.21
Minutes of Parent Council meeting No 84 held 15 June 2021
Minutes of Parent Council meeting number 83 held 4 May 2021
Minutes of Parent Council Meeting 81 held 2 February 2021
Attachment to minutes 81 dated 2 February 2021
AGM Attachment 2
AGM Attachment 1
Attachment to Minutes of Meeting No 80
Parent Council Minutes 17 Nov 2020
Statement from Head Girl
Statement from Head Boy
Minutes 76th meeting
Minutes 77th meeting
Minutes 75th Meeting
Fundraising Statement 1.9.2020
Parent Council Statement 1.9.2020
AGM Minutes 1.9.2020
College Link report
House council report
Head Girl Report
Minutes of meeting 78
AGM 3/9/19 PTA (Fundraising) Statement
AGM 3/9/19 PC Statement
AGM Minutes 3/9/19
Minutes 74th Parent Council Meeting
Minutes 73rd Parent Council Meeting
Minutes 72nd Parent Council Meeting
Minutes 71st Parent Council Meeting
Minutes 70th Parent Council Meeting
Minutes 69th Parent Council Meeting
Minutes 68th Parent Council Meeting
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