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Parent council

We are a group of interested parents or carers, formed in 2007, who have children at Thurso High School. All parents of Thurso High School are automatically members of the Parent Forum. The Parent Council is there to voice the views of the wider parents, to pass on information that is relevant to parents and to support the school.

Contact email: thurso.high@highlandpc.co.uk

Mr Sandy CummingChairman of Parent Council

About the council

What do we do?

• Communication – we are here to help with:

• gathering the views of parents on matters that impact your child's education and feed them back to the school;

• providing a parental point of view into developing new policies and opportunities within the school;

• giving regular feedback to help the school in self-evaluation and improvement;

• linking with Parent Councils at other Highland Schools to share best practice and to be a strong voice that feeds back to both Highland Council and the Scottish Government on educational policy and decision making.

Supporting the school by:

• providing constructive feedback;

• providing input to the annual improvement plan;

• utilising parent skills, expertise and employment experience to help school staff and pupils;

• helping the school build stronger links with the community.


In these harsh economic times, the Parent / Teacher Fundraising Committee can help raise school funds for extracurricular activities.

The Parent Council is not able to deal with individual pupil issues. If there are specific issues relating to your child then this should firstly be taken up with Guidance Staff using the normal process. If a common issue faced by parents is identified, this can be raised at the Parent Council meeting for discussion. Together we agree on the issues to which the Parent Council can contribute.

When do we meet?

The Parent Council have six meetings spread evenly over the whole session with the AGM held in September each year. These dates are published at the start of the session.

Minutes of meetings can be accessed on the school website.

Who are we?

Parent Council members (up to 6 persons) can nominate themselves and all parents are eligible. Members and Office bearers are elected annually at the Parent Council AGM in September. However, all parents are welcome to attend any meetings.

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