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Literacy & numeracy

The Literacy and Numeracy levels of our pupils are very good in Thurso High School but there are always opportunities for improvement. Literacy and Numeracy are key to ensuring our pupils achieve the best they can in Nationals,

Highers and beyond. To make them even better we have a number of strategies in place.


To improve literacy we have whole school 'words of the week' which can be accessed here:

- We have purchased more current audio books for the library.

- Staff are receiving training in how to use ‘Fresh Start’ Reading pack for struggling readers; which focuses on phonics for identified individuals.

- We have established a Paired Reading Scheme with S6 volunteers.


To improve numeracy we have purchased Numeracy Development officer time to:

- study diagnostic test results (new S1/2/3) and identify numeracy areas in need of addressing;

- run training sessions for Maths/ASN/PSAs in use of resources;

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