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North Highland College UHI offers students something unique – you can start studying as a school-link student and work right up to BA Hons Degree within the same college.

How it works

In years S1 to S3 in school you will have been informed about the careers and job opportunities which exist in your area and advised on subjects you should study to take you into that career path. From S4 onwards you will have the opportunity to begin learning vocational skills at college. We offer a range of courses which give students additional vocational and academic options that will compliment or progress your school studies.

The senior phase of Curriculum for Excellence is designed to offer young people the opportunity to develop and extend their education as they build a portfolio of qualifications. Our school link courses will introduce pupils to the possibilities of further and higher education with their local university. There are many different progression routes which can be followed to gain careers in specialist industries.

College link courses can be found here.

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